Formatting Jobs

Below is a guide on how to format the ``/set jobs`` command

Although there is only one field for the command this doesn't mean you can't add multiple of your jobs. All discord messaging formats do indeed work for this field, see below for formatting.


**This is a bolded message**


*This message is italicized*


__This message is underlined__

Strike Through

~~This message is crossed out~~

Darker Message

`This message is darker`

Hidden Message

||This message is hidden||

Hyper Link

[Click Me!](

Above is all of baisc discords message formatting. For new lines please see the example below:

**Job 1:**\nIn This job I do stuff\n**Job 2:**\nI Do more stuff

The \n creates a linebreak, you can add this whenever you want a new line. Below will show how the message above will be shown.

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